Lily Blaze

Lily Blaze, a certified hypnotherapist and life and business coach, prefers to be known as a Changeworker or Hypno-coach. With her extensive personal and professional experience, she has developed a unique and adaptable approach called "ChangeWork". This innovative and efficient practice aims to deliver immediate and long-lasting results for her clients. Through deep and instant inner transformations, Lily supports individuals in achieving their desired changes in the present moment. Her expertise in hypnotherapy and coaching enables her to assist clients in various aspects of their lives, including personal growth, career development, and business success. With a focus on creating positive change that is both profound and sustainable, Lily Blaze is dedicated to helping her clients transform their lives for the better Now.


Lily Blaze (Lilija Blažulionytė) is a certified hypnotherapist who has had the honor of working with renowned experts in the field. She has trained with the world's number one hypnotherapist, PhD Paul McKenna, as well as NLP Master Trainers Tina Tailor and Steve Crabb, who were trained by Dr. Richard Bandler himself, the co-creator of NLP. In addition to her extensive training in hypnotherapy and NLP, Lily has also obtained a certification in Evercoach business coaching. This allows her to not only provide individual coaching to her clients, but also corporate coaching services. Lily is accredited with the International Alliance of Professional Complementary Practitioners (IAPCP), which is a global collective of healthcare professionals dedicated to promoting best complementary practices. Their mission is to support people's mental, physical, and spiritual health worldwide and be the change they want to see in the world.


Guiding principles

The believe in empowering individuals to take control of their lives and create positive change fast - Quality over Quantity.


The main goal is to facilitate Deep, Instant, and Lasting inner transformations for our clients.


Committed to delivering efficient and effective results for our clients, Here and Now.

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